Ridgeway Bass Anglers
Membership Guidelines & Tournament Rules

  • Individual club membership dues- $10.00 per year ($5.00 goes to pot for classic runner up)
  • Cutoff date for membership will be 3rd tournament March 23rd, 2024
  • Must be a member to participate in tournaments and Anglers of the Year Award.
  • Tournament format is “Team” You are allowed to fish solo.
Substitute Fishing Partner

  • If a partner cannot participate in a tournament, team will be allowed to have a guest partner that is not a member, 2 times during the year.
Note; Club members on different teams, will be allowed to fish together if one partner cannot participate, Points will be awarded to only one team. Team receiving points must be determined before tournament.
Anglers of the Year

  • Anglers of the year will be determined by a point scoring system based on tournament finish, from all eleven tournaments.
  • Team totaling the highest points at the end of season will become Anglers of the Year.
  • In case of a tie, total weight for year, will determine winner.
  • Anglers of the Year will be awarded Plaques at the End Of Year.
Big Fish of Year

  • $20 per boat, paid at start of season during membership.
  • Team must participate in minimum five tournaments to be eligible for Big Fish Pot.
  • Eligible team with biggest fish caught for the year will receive the “Big Fish Pot” at end of season.
Club Classic

  • Team must participate in minimum of six (6) tournaments to be eligible for Classic
  • Club President will select Classic location and announce before 6th tournament
  • Entry for eligible teams is $40 per boat + $10 lunker each day = $60 total
  • $5 from each regular season tournament entry goes to Classic Pot.
  • Classic winners receives 100% of entry plus Classic Pot plus  money left in treasury.
  • Runner up will receive membership pot
Club Meeting dates / Tournament Dates

  • Club meeting dates- 7:00pm Thursday prior to tournament at the Rich Acres Christian Church. 
Tournament entry Fee

  • Entry Fee- $50.00 per boat ($5 of entry goes to Classic Pot)
  • Entry fee must be paid at club meeting preceding tournament (In event of emergency, etc – arrangements must be made with a club officer concerning entry fee before day of tournament)  NOTE: Fee must be paid before entering tournament.(No Exceptions)
  • If entry fee was paid at club meeting to fish tournament and you don’t show up- there will be NO Refunds.
  • If tie occurs at weigh in for placement or largest bass- Prize money will be divided.
  • Tournament Payout will take place at the conclusion of each individual tournament per payout schedule.
  • All decisions made for tournaments regarding delays, canceling, scheduling, due to weather or conflicts (competing tournaments, Parking, etc.)  will be decided by tournament director and club president prior to tournament.
Tournament Starting Procedure

  • Starting positions for each tournament will be drawn at the club meeting prior to the tournament.
  • A team fishing a scheduled tournament, but not present at the meeting, will be placed at the end of starting order based on YTD point standings.
  • Last boat starting will call out numbers to start tournament.
Tournament Rules

  • 5 fish limit per boat-(Smallmouth- Largemouth – Spotted bass)
  • Length- Lake Regulations
  • All state & Local Laws apply during tournaments. 
  • Individual Lake specific rules apply. (ex. Posted areas for no tresspassing, no fishing, etc. Violation will result in tournament disqualification and no points awarded. No refund of entry fee.
  • All club rules & regulations apply along with Honor system.
  • Courtesy for other members & other boaters must be practiced.
  • Live wells may be checked by tournament coordinator prior to start.
  • All fish weighed in must be caught during tournament hours.
  • Fish will be weighed in “pounds and hundredths”
Weigh In Rules & Regulations

  • 1 lb penalty per minute for individual or team arriving late.
  • Individual or team arriving over 15 minutes late will be disqualified-No Refunds.
  • Weigh In will start when all boats have been removed from the water.
  • If more than five fish limit is brought to scale, TEAM IS DISQUALIFIED- NO EXCEPTIONS
  • If a short fish is weighed, Team will loose the short fish plus their big fish. (Courtesy check will be allowed before fish are placed on scale. Decision on length will be made by Tournament Coordinator and verified by Club President only! No Exceptions!
  • .50  deduction for each dead fish weighed in.

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